Green Hills Cemetery is a memorial to the people of our community, a perpetual remembrance of years past and a sanctuary of peace and serenity today.

Green Hills Cemetery exists because every life is dear to someone, somewhere. Remembrance is the tribute we pay to those we love.

Whenever we tell a prospective buyer that Greens Hills Cemetery is a non¬profit organization, the reaction is often of complete surprise. "How is that possible?" they ask, as they look around and see the beauty of our pine trees, dogwoods, poplars, maples and oak trees. Most people find it difficult to see how this 106 year old enterprise thrives without pursuing the "bottom line", as is so common in the industry. But, it does. Mr. George Pennell, Attorney at Law, submitted the request to the State of North Carolina to approve legislation establishing Green Hills Cemetery as a not for profit organization in perpetuity. The legislation was approved.

Green Hills Cemetery is actually an association of lot owners, a board of directors (volunteers) that set policy and direct the path for the future of the cemetery. There are no stockholders; no dividends are paid to anyone. There are no annual assessments of any kind. The beauty of the cemetery will always be maintained. All the monies that are received from the sale of lots, from the interment and foundation fees are applied to the operation of the cemetery.

Green Hills Cemetery Association,

25 New Leicester Highway
Asheville, North Carolina 28806