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Floral Guidelines
The following floral guidelines have been established for the benefit of all. Our ultimate goal is to maintain the beauty and serenity of Green Hills Cemetery. In order to accomplish this goal, we need everyone's cooperation in observing the following:
1. Funeral flowers, baskets and easels will be removed from the grave one week from the day of burial. Families that wish to preserve keepsake items such as ribbons and special flower arrangements should retrieve these items as soon as possible.

2. During the grass mowing season, baskets, wreaths, easels, potted plants, and decoration stands are not permitted. All flowers plastic, silk or fresh, must be contained in the appropriate flower vases.
7. Decorative rocks around monuments/markers are not allowed.

8. Ceramic statues, glass containers, porcelain or plastic figurines, ceramic or plastic pots or breakables of any kind are not permitted anytime.
3. At the time that a marker order is received from the monument dealer, our staff will prepare the foundation for the installation of the monument/marker. If a family is not able to order a marker, but would like to place flowers on the grave, the family may purchase a ground flower vase at the cemetery office at a cost of $25.00, which includes installation.

4. Any flower arrangements that are seasonally inappropriate, discolored, wilted or generally unsightly will be removed during the mowing season.
5. Planting of live flowers or trees is not allowed anywhere, anytime.

6. All Christmas flowers and decorations will be removed starting the first day of February. All other seasonal flowers are removed 30 days after the holiday.
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