1. The cemetery does not sell monuments or markers nor do they recommend any specific monument company. 

2. The cemetery installation fee for V.A. markers is $60.00

3.A foundation is required for all markers and monuments.

4. The footer fee for all markers and monuments is $0.45 per square inch.

5.Monuments (upright stones) can be installed only on those sections where monuments are permitted. One grave monument size limitations are as follows:
A. For a single grave lot
Base 3' (36 in.) x 14" or 12" x 10"
Die 24" x 24"
Two graves side-by-side monument size limitations are as follows:
A.For a 2-grave lot
Base 4'2" (50") x 14" or 12" x 10"
Die 3' (36") x 42"
B.Lot of 4 graves or larger
Maximum width 5'2" (62")
The standard maximum height of monuments is from 20 inches to 36 inches. The Board of Directors of the cemetery must approve any variation from this limitation. There are no stipulations as to color of stone. Standard finish is "polish 3", except in Section H which is "steel 3".

6.Flat granite markers are permitted in all granite sections of the cemetery. However, bronze markers are permitted only in the Rest Haven (RH) section.
A.Markers (single markers) for single (adult or child) graves must be 24 inches x 12 inches.
B.Markers for two graves (double markers) may measure 48 inches x 14 inches.