We, Green Hills Cemetery recognize that society in seeking to maintain the inviolability of the individual and to protect the worth of the human person, requires that its dead be treated with dignity and respect.
We believe that our calling as cemeterians imposes on us obligations beyond those of ordinary commerce.
We believe we have a duty to provide cemeteries for the use of our people and to maintain, preserve and to enhance the same in perpetuity.
We further recognize and accept the following duties and obligations as being fundamental to our profession:
That we be open, honest and fair with everyone with whom we come to deal especially those who seek burial sites in our cemeteries.
That we conduct our affairs with an overriding concern for the public interest.
That we render to the laws of our land full faith and allegiance, and accept the duty as citizens both to defend these laws from wanton change and to keep them viable in order to deal with the needs of changing times.
That we forbear paying or offering to pay to anyone any rebate, bonus, commission, or fee in connection with the conveyance of burial rights or the performance of cemetery services except to duly authorized and supervised employees.
That we refrain from the dissemination of misleading information in any advertising or publicity or in direct dialogue with the public and that we insist that all who act as our agents be scrupulous in all their dealings.
That we provide the means whereby people may acquire lots and burial sites in advance of need and thereby obtain the benefits of economy, choice, and peace of mind which will result.
Lastly,that we foster the policy of accumulating and harboring funds for the endowment of your cemetery lands and appurtenances to these ends: that they shall never become burdens to the communities in which they are situated ; that they be a credit to those who rest therein; and so that they become, to all who visit, places of solace and inspiration.